Tour at the Girls’

I promised you all more tour photos this weekend, and I’m a bit late, but better than never. I got a bit distracted getting ready for this…

KnightA costume party at Paige’s house last night. My word, it’s been a long time since I went to one, but what fun. After hours spent going through my closet and then sorting through all the hooker costumes at the Halloween shop, it was nice to find something so perfectly suited for my personality. Yes, I am that bad @$$, my friends! Boo Yeah!

Joanne and I went over to Paige’s house on Thursday to help her add even more spooky party decor to her already spooktacular house. We draped almost every surface with spiderweb, and decorated the back deck and porch with lights, lanterns, pumpkins, and various sundry body parts. And last night, a fog machine filled the entire house with an eerie mist of gloom. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I truly love this time of year!

So speaking of Paige’s house, here are the photos of her 2013 Haunted Halloween House Tour that I promised. I hope you enjoy!

P1030362Come on in!

Paige's Haunted House

Here is Paige’s mantel, strung with a garland of fall leaves and skeletons. It seemed like there were innocent old-time family photos on the mantel, until you looked closer and saw they transformed into zombies. She said she found those photos at the dollar store. The creepy tree was made by Paige out of pipe cleaner, and Joanne’s husband made the zombie ornaments from acorns.

Paige's Haunted House1

Paige has a second fireplace in her family room, which she spruced up with some handmade crafts, skulls, and another tree. Here you can see her fabulous paper mache pumpkin we made together.

Paige's Haunted House3

A few more scenes from around her home in her kitchen and sunroom. And the real WOW, Paige’s Halloween tree.

Paige's Haunted House2Paige’s tree is about 4 feet tall, and was originally white, which she spray painted black. Her sister has made most of the skull ornaments you see. The amazing bat topper was made by Paige.

And now, here’s a quick peek at Joanne’s Haunted Halloween House Tour.

P1030606She has been expecting you, so do come in!

Joanne's Haunted House1Lots of skeletons and bones and creepers. Joanne’s husband is a big fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas figures.

Joanne's Haunted House3

Joanne has a large two-story balcony overlooking the family room, which is a very dramatic spot for some spooks. I love the creepy cloth swag and the skeleton on a noose. There are paper bats all across the windows and caution tape across the door.

Joanne's Haunted House4

A peek at the mantel and coffee table. And now Joanne’s amazing full-size Halloween tree. That Grim Reper topper was made by Joanne’s husband.

Joanne's Haunted House2And finally, the dining room with our fabulous luncheon feast.

Joanne's Haunted HouseLuncheonAre we not silly and lucky ladies?

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you all enjoyed the haunted tours! And have a fabulous day!

12 thoughts on “Tour at the Girls’

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the Halloween photos! Your costume is amazing! Love those Halloween trees all decorated and the table for the luncheon is fab! Looks like you had lots of spooky fun!:-) Happy Halloween to you!

  2. How fun, love your costume, I told my husband I am going to dress up next year and walk around the casinos at the strip since everyone is doing that, I do look weird last night dress like I always do, : 0

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