Haunted Halloween House Tour, Continued…

Welcome back to my Haunted Halloween House, my friends! I’m thinking it’s high time we continue on with our tour, don’t you think? Come in, come in…


Let’s take a peek into my haunted living room.


Don’t be frightened! Mr. Spooks is just here to offer snacks for the tour. Would you care for crunchy leg bones, or crunchy skulls? No?

Step this way, then…


Here’s my back credenza with a few spooky things. White ceramic pumpkin and pillar candles, along with a couple of my handmade crafts.


It’s a bit tame back here, I know, but just turn around…


Lots of chills and thrills here.


This wire basket I found at a junk store has revolutionized my decorating life. Whereas before I could only fit one or two things in this space on my mantel, now I can have piles and piles of goods. And piles of goods is good……

P1030641I know many of you have heard my Halloween stories by now, but I will share some of them again. If you know me, you know I like to mix the old with the new, handmade with store bought, things from my kids, things I’ve collected, everyday things…just things. In my basket are lots of treasures. Metal pumpkins from a favorite boutique, a handmade pumpkin from Etsy. The fabulous eye canvas and skull are drawings done by the Missy Nik. The ghost is painted cardboard the girls and I made at craft club last year.



Mr. Pete drew the skeleton print in art class years ago. He thought it was bad, but I fell for it, hard, and promptly had it framed. It fits nicely inside my old funky junk wooden box propped up on my mantel.


I jokingly refer to the skeleton as my boyfriend, cause I got a little secret crush on him. He’s holding a crocheted pumpkin one of Nik’s friends made for me several years ago. The wooden ruler you can see is an antique dressmaker’s hem ruler. And next to that is an old berry basket filled with gourds.


Mom and I painted and beaded those sticks years ago as a cheapy cheap knock off version of some Pottery Barn designer sticks. They are quite fragile and tend to break off beads easily, yet they’ve held up year after year. Thank goodness, because it was a process I don’t wish to repeat anytime soon.


This guy is a wee bit scared. I would be, too, if I had that spider crawling on me…


Haha….just kidding.

Crissy doesn’t scare me that much!

P1030649But this guy, now he does scare me. I actually made this creepy guy this year.


But that’s a story for another day…

Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at my Haunted House. I’m off this morning with my scrappy girls to a weekend retreat at the beach. Should be an amazing time. Hope YOU all have a fabulous weekend, too!

23 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween House Tour, Continued…

  1. Wow! Where do I begin? I love all your Halloween goodies! Wonderful skeletons and goblins here and there! Sweet bat hanging from the mantle. And, that pumpkin creature is amazzzzing!!! I don’t know whether to laugh or be scared! What a character…a fab creation, Audrey! Loved your Halloween house tour! Thanks so much for sharing! Have fun at the retreat, hugs!

    • Mr. Spooks is awesome, isn’t he? He’s about four or five years old now….I got him from a local boutique by the name of Ivy Cottage. Can’t remember who made that guy. Think it may have been RAZ?

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