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Hello my friends! Sorry for the quiet week from me. Seems I’ve managed to take a bit of an unexpected blog break while trying to adjust to the changes in our little household since taking Pete off to college last Friday. I knew it was going to hit me hard, not having my boy.  But I didn’t know how hard until the day actually arrived. I think it’s been just about the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through…..

But fortunately, my boy is doing good. And that’s all that matters. He’s all moved in and getting settled. Just finished up his first week of classes already.

photo(16)In all of my emotion last week, I did manage to take a few photos on move-in day. Here’s Pete in front of his dorm.

photo(19)And getting all set up inside his room.

photo(17)It was getting dark here, but I wanted to get a shot of Pete by this beautiful building. This is the outside of one of his class buildings. I must say that it’s a very pretty campus. Seems a very good spot for my boy to be.

And where have I been this past week? Trying to keep busy. Trying to keep my mind off the sads, but not doing too well with that yet. My friends have been doing a great job of occupying my time with dinner and craft dates. Thank goodness for good friends, right? And I did grab up my little Missy and whisked her off for a few days at the beach. Total unplanned. And totally the perfect spot to be.




I have not stepped foot into my craft room this past week. But I do have a little framed project to share with you today that I made with Little Yellow Bicycle’s adorable new Feels Like Home collection.

AudreyPettit LYB FLH HomeFrameAnother thrift store funky junk frame find for under $1. You just can’t beat that!

AudreyPettit LYB FLH HomeFrame3

I like to remove the glass so that I can add bulky dimensional accents like this chipboard, wooden buttons, and fabulous pleated fall leaf. This frame came with a cheap chipboard mat that I covered with patterned paper for an easy extra layer.

AudreyPettit LYB FLH HomeFrame4The Home title came from the new Die Cut Words pack. Paper from the 6×6 pad fills the back. I added chipboard and die cuts, a bit of trim, and some pretty vellum tape across the top.

AudreyPettit LYB FLH HomeFrame2And the saying could not be more true……..home is where ever you are together.

Thank you for visiting with me today! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


FLH-105 Denim Chevron/Gold Knit
FLH-304 6x6 Paper Pack
FLH-279 Chipboard Shapes
FLH-305 Paper Crafting Kit
FLH-160 Vellum Tape
NA-SP10 Wood Buttons
NA-JT20 Brite Jute Pack
Trim: 7Gypsies, Craft Supply
Ink: Clearsnap

24 thoughts on “Home with Little Yellow Bicycle

  1. Sending hugs your way Audrey! I think I cried for a month when my oldest went off to college. Love all of the fun photos. Wishing Pete a fun first year of college. Love your beautiful Fall frame too. 🙂

  2. I can’t even imagine! Seriously! It just shows your love for him and that is a good thing! Love your beautiful project! So perfect for the upcoming season! All those special touches you add are so pretty! You can make anything look good Ms. Audrey!

  3. I know your pain! Last year I endured sending my oldest off to college and then a week later sending my youngest to Kindergarten. Very sad time for me!! But what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. I am happy that my oldest ended up not liking the weather at App and decided to come home and now he is at Wake Tech getting all of his Gen Ed classes done. You got some great photos of yours at college!! I only got the ones of mine in his dorm. He wouldn’t let me take photos out in public! Lol!!

    LOVE that Home picture frame! Beautiful design and I so love those colors!

  4. Oh My dear friend my heart aches for you, I will soon be in your shoes, so I know…Your project is fabbo and Missy Nick looks great on the beach she must be misssing Pete as badly as you…Hugs to you to help comfort you on your empty nest.

  5. Oh Audrey…my heart goes out to you. Your boy looks so very happy…such exciting times for him. Did he go out of state? Luckily my girl is staying instate & living on campus BUT that doesn’t mean I won’t go through all the same emotions you are…they’re our babies!

    What a wonderful framed project. So fun to take the glass panel out and let your project be bumpy:)

    Hang in there my friend!

  6. Being a Mom is the toughest job in the universe. As much as you want your kids to spread their wings and fly, you also don’t want them to leave the nest! Hoping you’ll adjust soon. Your framed project is so pretty. This is such a gorgeous design and I love the colors in it! (hugs!)

  7. I knew this probably is a difficult time for you sending Pete off to college. It is the hardest thing to let them go. I must admit I have a difficult time letting my son make his own way and he is a bit older than Pete. I wonder if the feeling ever really goes away? I love your crafty framed project. Hang in there! Sending hugs your way.

  8. Awww, here’s a virtual hug! It gets easier with time. Reading your post brought back memories of leaving our son in Florida for school, hundreds of miles away. DD, the youngest just moved out 2 weeks ago, and probably for the final time. It is bittersweet but such a joy when you see your grown children make their way on their own. Such a pretty campus. Photos of your DD are gorgeous and your project is adorable. Take care.

  9. I know it’s a difficult time for you with your son now off to college. I went throught that several years ago. I still think at times he should be here at home, but he’s out on his own now. And, I look forward to the happy times when he returns home for a visit. Just know that you did a great job in raising him and he’s out there now learning to make his way in the world! You made a very lovely framed project! You’re always so inspirational and creative…thank you! You take good care…hugssss!!!

  10. Oops…I’m sorry…I wanted to comment on how lovely your daughter is…gorgeous smile! Glad you had a fun day at the beach, hugs!

  11. I can totally feel you Audrey, my older girl left for college 2 years ago, and then last year was the younger one, then she came back for this summer, we spent a lot of time doing things together and she left again for Rome early this week, I’ve experienced empty nest again and again! Big hug to you!
    Wonderful frame for the home!

  12. Sorry for the sads on sending off the boy to college! That has to be hard… don’t think I would like that too much myself! ((HUGS))

    I love your framed project… I too like to remove the glass for framed stuff! Gotta have some BULK, lol!

    Hope you have an enjoyable weekend 🙂

  13. SUPER photos of both Pete and Nikki! (Pete got a haircut!)

    I’m SO glad you and Nikki were able to get away for a few days — and am DOUBLY glad that she is in high school, so your cozy nest won’t be EMPTY any time soon.

    How appropriate that your frame project honors HOME. Just remember, there’s NO PLACE like it! ((Sending HUGS))

  14. Oh gosh that leaf is amazing! Lots of gorgeous layers as always. Sorry the separation is so hard on you. Since mines still at home I can’t give you any advice. 🙂 Hugs!

  15. Awww Audrey, I know how that feels…the hardest time for me was when the kids moved out…Empty Nest…And it was terrible! Hugs my friend and if I lived closer I’d be crafting with you 🙂 Love your frame!!

  16. What a beautiful campus! Pete looks so happy and what a joy to see him go off on his own knowing what a great job you did! Hang in there! Nik is so pretty there by the beach. XOXOX (oh and awesome project too! LOL)

  17. Oh…he’s still your boy…just his time to be independent. And to make you proud.

    Love your frame…as always you rock with the layers and textures!

  18. You know…as a mama…I’m feelin’ your pain, Audrey!;) Wanted you to know I had some of these papers and that sweet little die cut pack in my hand on my last trip to Archivers…felt I had to put em back on the shelf…dang it!!! Love this project of yours!!!

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