Star Student

Ever since little Miss Nik had her freshman orientation last Friday, we’ve really had back to school on our minds. What a big year this is for us. Pete is finishing up his high school career, while Nik is just beginning hers. As you can imagine, she is both nervous and excited about all the changes this new year will bring.

My kiddos are growing up so quickly, but I know no matter how old they get, they both still love to find notes and goodies in their lunchboxes.  I mean, who doesn’t like a surprise, right? So I decided to make some back to school treats to brighten their first day. This little pencil pouch is going to get tucked into Nik’s lunchbox. I just know it’s going to really make her smile.
As some of you may remember, Little Yellow Bicycle is partnering up with us for a second week of Splash projects on the Epiphany Crafts blog. I used the scraps leftover from my mini album to create this quick and easy pocket pouch. I love that you can slip lots of school supplies or any number of treats into the pocket. I can easily see more pencils, pens, rulers, or memo pads stuffing the pouch. Or perhaps a candy bar or pixie sticks would be in order. A little journaling card slipped in with the treats is the perfect spot to jot down a few words of encouragement, too.

I just adore this fun Splash collection! Perfect for the beach and summertime, but works for way more projects than that. After all, back to school likes to be bright and happy, too.

28 thoughts on “Star Student

  1. Those first few days starting at a new school can be overwhelming, so this sweet little surprise will certainly brighten Nic’s day. A little touch of home. Love the flower and banner. Sweet idea!

  2. Oh, I love it!! I love sticking little treats in for my kids, too, and this is just adorable! Such a sweet idea…I’ll just have to DO IT!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Super adorable!!! Can’t believe she’s starting freshman year! She must be excited!!! Love this project! The flower is terrific! Lot’s of school themes happening in blogland 🙂

  4. What a FUN & CHEERY pouch!! And, look at that script border!! SO cute, Audrey!!

    Now, the challenge will be to make something masculine, non-girly and non-smoochy for Pete!!

    You can DO it!! And, I’m anxious to SEE it!!

  5. This is so adorable Audrey! I can’t believe Nik is already in 9th grade, they grow up so fast don’t they! I bet her lunchbox is going to be filled with lots of suprises this school year! Hope you have a lovely day! Hugs!

  6. The kiddos grow up so fast. Rachel is starting her junior year & Bekah is a sophomore in college. Where does the time go.

    Love this adorable school project. That pocket is so clever too.

  7. It’s wonderful! It will sure put a smile on her face! 🙂 And the pouch is such a fun and useful fold! Love it. And the layered flower, it’s absolutely fab!

  8. So sweet and cute, Audrey! What a wonderful project! I’m sure your daughter will appreciate it! Love the colorful dp and layered flower! Many possibilities for this project! Hope your son and daughter have a wonderful school year! Take care, hugs!

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