Spring Dreaming

After spending the afternoon yesterday amongst the beautiful flowers at the garden center, I am truly ready for spring. Ready for flowers and bunnies and fresh green things and blue skies. Time to banish all winter and Valentine thoughts from my head. Time to play house.

So when I got home, I headed down to the basement to start bringing up my sweet springtime pretties. And I’ve been busy fluffing and decorating and making my house warm and welcoming for my little family.  How such simple things make my heart happy.

It takes me quite some time to get everything just so. That’s because every year I like to change up my decor. Do things differently than I’ve done before. Stuff gets placed, and examined, and re-arranged, and moved until something in my head says, yes, that is it. Right now, I’m just getting started.

I DO love to play house. Such a lovely way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Tell me, friends….

What are YOU doing with your lazy day?


20 thoughts on “Spring Dreaming

  1. Hi Audrey! This post made me so happy today! I am lazy today. Kitty and hubby are sound asleep and I’m blog surfing. Thanks, once again, for sharing your beautiful home and decorations with us! Have a great week coming up! XOXOXO

  2. I’m doing the same things as you, Audrey! I spent today putting away my snow family and decorations. I was a bit sad; but now that I have those pretty soft spring colors and decorations out, I feel good about it! I always love “visiting” your charming home! In the first photo, I love that creamy lace piece hanging from the basket. Is that by any chance a pillow cover? The reason I ask is because many years ago, I found something similar in my great-grandmother’s house that I treasure today. I also LOVE those distressed bunnies you have. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  3. Oooh, i absolutly love your homepostings!! So lovely of you to share the beauty!! Just loving all the sweet bunnies!!! Have a fantastic day! Hugs and sunshine!

  4. Oh I so need to go out to my shed of no return and did out my spring goodies. LOL So fun to see your daughters bunnies out. Your house looks fantastic Audrey! 🙂

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