Day is Done

It’s my favorite time of day.  The house is quiet and calm, and I’m enjoying watching the last bits of sunlight filter through the windows. What a sweet and peaceful feeling.

This is my favorite room in my house. I call it my sun room.  I’m guessing you can see why. 🙂

I’ve been cleaning. Vacuuming and washing and dusting.  Perfect opportunity to do a little re-arranging in my favorite room. Although I hate to see them go, I’m thinking it’s time to put up the 4th of July goods and move onto something new. I’m thinking Fall is just around the corner. I’m thinking I’m ready for a touch of Fall.

The leaf dish and ceramic squirrels were my grandmother’s.  They just came home with me from California, and I wanted to share them with YOU while the sunlight was working its magic.

Oh, here’s someone who wants to say hello.

Crissy wants to wish you all a very happy weekend.

And I do, too!


7 thoughts on “Day is Done

  1. Your home is beautiful, Audrey! I just adore your sun room. And Crissy is as cute as can be. Love the little keepsakes from your grandmother. What a wonderful way to remember her each day!

  2. i love your sun room, audrey! you have such a wonderful relaxing space. i love your home decor. those squirrels are adorable! what a beautiful chest of drawers. thanks for sharing :)!
    hi crissy! she is a sweetheart! my little doggie says hi to you and crissy too.
    have a wonderful weekend :)!!
    *hugs* steph 🙂

  3. What a fantastic room!! I just love seeing yiur house and beautiful decorations! That Crissy is so cute! I’m thinking you have motivated me to get my ____ in gear and put out fall decorations…Oh, how I love fall!! Havea a great weekend sweetie!

  4. Thanks for sharing a peek at your beautiful home. Isn’t it wonderful to have special things to bring sweet memories of loved ones? Crissy looks like she’s enjoying the sunroom, too. I can see why it’s your favorite room!

  5. I love the little peeks into your home, just beautiful and Crissy looks so sweet! The elephant card is adorable & after scrolling through the Halloween deccor I must now go order something, hehe. 😉

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