Best Job Ever!

I do believe I have the best job for me possible.  How lucky am I that I actually get paid to take photographs and blog for one of my most favorite places on earth?? And be still my heart, because look at this……

Halloween has arrived at Garden Supply! And I was there to capture it all on camera. So how about taking a little tour with me?  We can see what’s new together.

EEEEEEK!  I am seriously in love! And my pocketbook is in serious trouble.

Because how can I NOT buy some of this stuff?? It’s not physically possible!

If you’re anything like me, and you’ve fallen in love with something you’ve seen, and you NEED it, and you MUST have it, never fear.  Just contact the friendly folks at Garden Supply via the blue link above, and they will mail it to you. Swearsies!

Oh, and tell them Audrey sent you! 😉

Before I go today, I have one more fun share for you. If anyone is looking for ways to incorporate their child’s artwork into your scrapbook pages, ScrapStreet Magazine has a wonderful article for you in this month’s publication. I am honored to have a page included that is very special to me. It showcases some of my sweet Nik’s art from a time several years ago when she really enjoyed drawing. And I smile every time I see the Webster’s Pages papers I used from one of their very earliest collections back when I was first asked to join their team.  Very special memories, indeed.

Thank you so very much, ScrapStreet! And thank YOU all for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “Best Job Ever!

  1. Oh… you are right it is the BEST JOB EVER… perhaps they would consider opening a store here in beautiful historic (cough sputter) Ionia, Michigan and let me take photos and blog too….oh, and let me “borrow” all that fabulous stuff for my own Halloween decor! …. nah, they probably won’t … but hey, I can enjoy your photos…and I can’t wait to see what you buy and what you do with it tooooooo!

  2. oh wow, audrey! super fun! what wonderful displays :). love the pumpkins and the house.
    congrats on having your page in scrapstreet! that’s awesome to incorporate children’s artwork into projects. thanks for sharing :)!
    have a great day!!
    steph 🙂

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