Easter Weekend

Hi everybody!  Happy Easter weekend to you all!  Except for the pollen being out in full force, it is a beautiful day today.  Had lots of thunderstorms last night, but the rest of this weekend is going to be warm and spring-like….perfect for a Easter holiday.  Nik and I broke out the egg dye yesterday and had a little fun being creative.




You’ll notice, of course, that Peter is nowhere to be found.  There’s no way that boy would dye an Easter egg at this point in time.  He did inform me, however, that he expects the Easter Bunny to leave some hidden eggs.  Any excuse to get some candy, right?

Today, my mom and I are hoping to go to our fabulous local nursery to get some perennials for my yard.  Seems like the perfect thing to do this weekend.  What all have you guys got going on?

I have one small scrappy share for today.  Something I volunteered to work on a couple of weeks ago for a member of Webster’s ning site, inspireME.  She was asking for people to help create an ABC book for a friend’s child who had recently had a near drowning incident.  The doctor’s had determined that Josh could see, so Sherry was wanting to make this ABC book to help him with his letters.  She requested that the pages stay flat, and be very graphic using only the colors red, white and black.  I was very honored to be able to create this “d” page for Josh’s book.


The finished size is 6×6.  I used blocks of  layered red and black paper, and downloaded some simple animal images from Google images.  I wish Josh and his family the best of luck!  And I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. My son, too, is not into Easter preps; however, a gift is always welcome. My husband did help me out getting ready. Today, I made potato salad, dyed eggs and baked a coconut layer cake. Tomorrow will be spent enjoying a huge breakfast at my parents and spending time with the in-laws later in the day. A bit of travelling to do. My Easter present from my husband was “Eclipse” from the Twilight series. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Ohh, that egg dying looks so fun! I was thinking I’d do some this year myself, but I didn’t get around to it! It’s been years since I’ve done that fun activity!

    Happy Easter to you 🙂

  3. I have never been any good at egg dieing! How did you make that adorable white flower on that egg? Not that it matters, like you indicated my boys to are old enough that the only real thrill is the chocolate eggs that will be coming tonight! 🙂
    Can’t wait to get out and do some gardening!
    That is a wonderful little project that you were able to be a part of. Very lovely for you to do. Happy Easter Audrey!

  4. seriously! could u guys be any cuter! dying easter eggs is always so fun, makes me feel like a kid again…did i miss how you got that cute flower on the egg???

  5. Happy Easter! What a great looking yellow egg with a flower….so spring like! And I LOVE the Michael’s bag apron!!!! Very cool and chic! 🙂

  6. oh how fun! We didn’t do eggs this year 😦 Love the page for the book and your daughter is just so pretty!!!!

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