Birthday wishes

So, today is a VERY important day at our house.  Today, my sweet little Nik turns 11 years old.  She has been SO excited all day.  Said it’s her “first palindrome” birthday, and for some reason, she’s very happy about that.  I’m coming up on a palindrome birthday myself this year, and somehow…….I’m not quite as happy about it as she is! 😉

Here is my sweet girl this morning before leaving for school.


She couldn’t contain herself, and burst into a little happy dance.


Sure wish I could get as excited about my birthday!

Right after school, Nik headed straight to her presents.



And one of my favorites of the day…..


Me and my sweet peanut!  I LOVE you, Nik!

And let’s not forget Pete!  He got a little something, too.  It’s sort of a tradition I started years ago to get a small present for the non-birthday child.  You can see that I hit a bullseye.



Carpet sliders………he’s thrilled.

Now, we’ve baked some brownies together, and soon will be heading out to dinner to continue the celebration.  Think it’s going to be greasy burgers and fries……or maybe even onion rings!  Yum-O!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “Birthday wishes

  1. Happy Birthday Nik!!!!! Loved the pic of the two of you!!! Just PERFECT!!!!!! Sounds like a fun day!!!!! She is getting sooooo big!!!!! Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

  2. happy birthday nik! you are so lucky to have such a great mom! and gorgeous, too! 😉

    carpet sliders! they look like so much fun. i saw them on the tv. we got a snuggy instead, lol!

  3. Happy Birthday Nik!!! Gosh, it takes me back to when I was a kid-I used to get so excited for my birthday I could hardly contain myself… LOVE those carpet sliders-those look like a ball!!!!!
    Hugs to you Audrey!!!

  4. O my ! happy happy birthday Nik !

    I just realised your kids are exactly the same age as mine ! I keep thinking Nik is younger than 11 !

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