Pottery Barn Project-Part One

Well, I wish I could show you all the fabulous finished project I hinted at in yesterday’s post.  We did start the project, but it took more time than I thought it would, and we didn’t get very far.  I have to admit that it doesn’t look like much at this point in time.  But, I’m still hopeful that it will turn out fabulous and will look even better than the super expensive Pottery Barn version Glammie and I saw yesterday shopping.  I’m thinking it will be even better, because my little cutie is making most of it for me.  Here is where we are at this point.

The first thing we had to do was go on a little foraging trip in the woods for supplies.  Glammie and I were able to do that on the way home from the mall on a little back country road.  Then we needed to get everything cleaned up a bit.

Here is Nik washing up a bucket of rocks.  While they were drying, we did some pruning on a few tree branches.

then it was time to break out the spray paint.

That’s about as far as we got yesterday.  This is what it all looks like this morning.

Doesn’t look like much, does it?  Basically what we have is a bunch of rocks and some black sticks.  Hhmmmm.  What do you all think?? Any ideas of what we’re trying to make?  Think we have any hope of having it turn into anything good?

At least so far, all I’ll be out is $2 in spray paint.  And Nik is having fun…

We’re hoping to finish up the project this afternoon.  Maybe I’ll have some finished photos I can share tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Have a great day!


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