It’s Official

I have a teenager in the house.  Peter turned 13 today.  He’s happy as can be, and I’m a little in shock about it all.  It’s just so hard to believe that my first child is this old already.  But it really is just a number thing because the child has been ACTING like a teenager for years.  Here he is in all his birthday glory.

Looks like a teenager, doesn’t he?  Shark tooth necklace, Abercrombie shirt, braces, loooooonnnnnnnnggggg hair… sigh.

Peter really wanted this Nerf gun that was just released called the Vulcan.  Fully automated, this baby pumps three bullets per second a distance of around 20 feet.  Absolute boy heaven.

He also got a pair of kick-back chairs for the game room from Glammie, Pop-Pop, and Uncle Paul.  He was practicing snoozing in them, which was definitely his way of saying “they rock”.

I asked Nik to take a few pictures of Peter and I together, too.  He pulled all his usual stunts and tricks, but I did get a few good ones.  A bit blurry cause he’s always trying to make a move right when the shutter clicks.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER!!!    Thanks for all the laughs!  I’ve loved every minute of being your mom. Here’s to the next 13 years!


3 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. OH my ! What a cutie he is ! I think he looks like his sister ? no ? I think your kids all take after you but I don’t think I’ve seen your DH in pics !

    My 2 kids dont look alike at all ! & my 13 yr old girl has lost her cute factor I’m afraid as a new teenager ! hmmm no worries ! I’m still savoring the baby years still with No 2 , DS , who is still la cutie at 9 going on 10 ! lol !

    Boys here couldn’t possibly have long hair at 13 ! too cute !

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